Hi, I’m Rebecca

I have been in the business of building better talent and enabling awesome careers for over 25 years. I’ve led large teams and significant business units, won brilliant awards and totally stuffed things up. Just like you.

I earned my stripes leading large teams in complex organisations and built quite a reputation for ‘doing business differently’. And I know that without the B-Suite, businesses fail.

I can proudly say I’m the best-selling author of IMPACT: 10 Ways to Level Up your Leadership. I have fun appearing on TickerTV, ABC radio and Leaderonomics, and I write for Harvard Business Review, Forbes, The Australian, News Ltd, CEO World, HR Leader, HR Director and In The Black.

People tell me they walk away feeling clear, confident (and frequently entertained) after their session with me – and the results of my programs speak for themselves.

I’m dedicated to building B-Suite Leaders with C-Suite Impact and my best work is done with ambitious organisations, leaders and their teams who want more impact from middle management.

What I Believe

Who I Am

Meet Maarij

Originally from Pakistan, Maarij came to Australia by way of the UK and USA.

He is a seasoned entrepreneur with a strong track record in service, sales and leadership.

A culinary king of both risotto and biryana, Maarij loves to cook and loves to run it off with a week-day jog around Melbourne’s CBD. When he’s not cooking (or running it off) he’s reading self-help and business books to fuel his development.

As BoldHRs practice manager, his primary focus will be to ensure that every one of our valued clients continues to enjoy the full benefits of BoldHR’s programs.

Maarij is passionate about helping people to grow, and enjoys enabling both organisations and individuals progress towards their goals.

Maarij is based in Melbourne.

As a team, you can expect us to stand by these values in all our interactions: