BoldHR® is a boutique consulting practice that was designed to do business differently. 

Our vision is to do work we enjoy with people we like.

As such, BoldHR®’s default way of working is:

Health, Safety and Respect

Our primary concern is always that BoldHR® team members are safe, respected and enabled to perform at their best. 

– We ensure that all our contractors are OH&S compliant in terms of their work-space while working on our behalf. 

– BoldHR® team members are never required to work in an environment where they do not feel safe, psychologically or physically.  Any concerns they have in relation to this are escalated to Rebecca immediately.

– We have a record of next of kin should an emergency arise while a sub-contractor is working on our behalf 

– All subcontractors are required to confirm qualifications, referees and insurances at the time of each individual engagement. 

Quality Assurance

All our practitioners are expected to maintain and develop their standard of practice in their fields of expertise, and to remain up to date on industry best practice by leveraging their networks, extensive reading and formal learning or accreditation.  

For core team-members, BoldHR® also sponsors and encourages attendance at industry conferences, events and webinars.

BoldHR may also, at management discretion, offer accreditation in our psychometric tool of choice, TalentIdentify.

Escalations & Issue Management 

Open communication is encouraged to discuss any related issues as they arise and applies equally to the client and team.

Rebecca Houghton is the key point of contact for any escalations or complaints.


If Rebecca cannot be reached, please contact BoldHR®’s Practice Manager on

Data Management & Recovery

BoldHR® and its subcontractors rely on guidance from the Information Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Victoria) and the Health Records Act 2001 (Victoria) to drive its processes on Privacy and Data Protection relating to that of our clients and their internal records.

All important records that are vital to the continuation of business operations, and that would be affected by a facilities disruptions or disasters, are maintained, controlled, and periodically checked on by the BoldHR Practice Manager.


Sub-Contractors are expected to retain all client and project documentation exclusively on BoldHR’s server and via BoldHR’s email accounts to ensure they are securely kept and regularly backed-up.

Personal accounts are not to be used for any client information.

Our permissions protocol is simple: Only directly relevant and accountable project members (both client team and BoldHR® team) are invited to view or edit documents, records or tasks as related to the purpose of the document.  Please adhere to this protocol. 

Should the internet not be available, please tether to your mobile phone.  Ask the practice manager if you are not familiar with how to do this.

All BoldHR® email accounts have a verified second contact attached should any user have access issues, and you will be asked for this during onboarding. 


In the event of a security breach, please notify the Practice Manager immediately.

She will conduct a damage assessment with you and commence recovery planning.  Rebecca will be informed and will contact the client.

This will involve: