B-Suite Leaders are the modern Middle Manager.

I help leaders and their teams work.

I earned my stripes leading large teams in complex organisations and built quite a reputation for ‘doing business differently’.

Now I work with Australia’s leading companies, guiding leaders and their teams to identify and adopt tiny tweaks that make big differences.

My goal is to help evolve how leaders think, take action, and relate to others during these turbulent times – how to do business differently.

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B-Suite Leaders

B-Suite Leaders are the modern middle manager. And middle managers are what Boston Consulting Group calls “a critical but neglected group”.

At all levels, B-Suite leaders are the glue that holds organisations together, translating strategy into action and creating high-performing workforces.

Yet the B-Suite is stretched thin, overlooked for promotion and underinvested in.

If you’re an experienced leader, You’re likely to recognise:

The sensation of being overlooked

you’re either indispensable or invisible, but you can’t work out which and it’s beginning to give you concerns about where your career is going. You’d like to be more promotable but you’re not sure how to make that happen.

Constantly being overworked

you desperately need to be more productive, but it’s increasingly difficult when workloads are rising in an increasingly ambiguous and changing landscape.

Feelings of overwhelm

so much to do, so little time, and so little information. You’re too junior to be ‘in the tent’ but too senior to be kept in the dark - something’s got to change so you can regain your poise in the middle of all this chaos.

The B-Suite’s Six Styles of Leadership range from Process Administrator through to C-Suite Executive, and research shows how you operate determines how you feel and the impact you can have in your organisation.

When you are operating in the process space, you can feel dangerously invisible and fear that you provide relatively little real impact. When you step into the mode of the Innovator / Influencer, you are suddenly leveraging control and influence with increasingly tangible results, yet you still feel frustrated. You’re always looking at those B-Suite leaders who have C-Suite impact and wondering how they have such confidence and influence, where their energy comes from and how they have crafted such an enviable career trajectory.

B-Suite Leaders are the modern middle manager. And B-Suite leaders with C-Suite impact™ are the key to high performing organisations and fulfilled teams. And if you’re reading this, it’s likely that you are a middle manager looking for some answers.

Your answers are here.

The B-Suite™️ Snapshot is designed exclusively for experienced leaders operating in the middle management space. Benchmarked against hundreds of other B-Suite leaders from all industries and professions, your personalised report will help you evaluate where you are operating at, how you rate against the three critical areas for C-Suite impact, what you can do about levelling up your leadership impact right now.