"I had the privilege of working with Rebecca when she was engaged to work with a group of high performing and experienced executives. Rebecca brought not only a wealth of experience ...but also a dynamism which is impossible to measure."
Head of Quality, Risk and Operations, Medacs Global Group

Are you looking to enhance the ability of your leadership or project teams to:

  • Communicate with impact?
  • Act with certainty?
  • Think strategically?
  • Challenge talent practices?

Often these shifts in behaviours and capabilities are embedded more sustainably as a group than at an individual level.

How it works

For groups of up to 6 people, Rebecca runs practical, hands-on 2hr sessions each fortnight.

Participants receive:

  • session recordings
  • chat notes
  • unlimited access to Rebecca during the period of mentoring

Bookings are typically for 3 or 6 sessions


If this sounds like something your team would benefit from, let’s talk.

What I particularly liked about Rebecca is the range she can operate at – from highly strategic, to hands on, she is able to challenge and tease out the best approach in a really pragmatic and engaging way.

CEO, VideoMyJob