How to get your boss to help build your brand

How to get your boss to help build your brand

Not so long ago, I was lucky enough to have a fantastic boss who really elevated the reputation and profile of those working for her.

This hadn’t happened to me before, but rather than decide that all my previous managers had been evil megalomaniacs, I did some self reflection.

It turns out that I had made one simple mistake. I had never asked for their help.

Sure, sure: a great manager shouldn’t need to be asked – but it’s not actually THEIR job to promote YOU – it’s yours.

They can help. A lot. And in fact, most of them are motivated to do so. Why? Because if you look good, they look good. Basking in the reflected glory of their direct reports does not hurt a leader one jot. Anyone paying attention will assume part of your success is their remarkable leadership – and they don’t have to say a word about themselves to win that reputation.

So go for the win/win. Unless they are, in fact, an evil megalomaniac….

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