10 ways to level up your leadership

What's IMPACT about?

Inspired by, and written for, mid-level leaders who want to level up their influence, their reputation, their confidence or their careers. If you are ready to have an even bigger impact in 2023, then this book is for you! 

What Will You Learn in This Book?

  • How to control the pace of work for yourself and your teams
  • How to use the space to think – clearly and scalably
  • How to make the case – to ensure that everyone is with you

This book is story-rich and full of practical tools and tips for adjusting how you think, how you take action and how you communicate.

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Book Reviews

Paul Matthews
Paul Matthews
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Ten ways to level up indeed. But also IMPACT is rammed with a wealth of insights, tips, models and tools to ignite your impact. This is a must read for the HR community seeking effective development for middle management. There is so much gold in this book!
Gary Achilles
Gary Achilles
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Reading the first chapter of Rebecca Houghton's book - IMPACT was inspiring, It was so good I nearly missed my train stop - I kept looking over my shoulder to check if anyone else could see how this book was speaking directly to ME. Do yourself a favor and buy a copy today.