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Middle managers are a neglected but critical group

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Rebecca Houghton - On Impact & Leadership

Lauren and Craig sit down with the brilliant Rebecca Houghton (Coach, Facilitator & Advisor to HR & TA).
If you are a Leader or aspiring Leader this one's for you!
Rebecca tells us all about her new book Impact: 10 Ways To Level Up Your Leadership We have a yarn... we have a laugh... but best of all we learn a thing or 10.

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Webinar: Diversity Inclusion

TA Panel Interview

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Is your technology business case ready for the C-suite?

C-level executives agree that people are an organisation’s most important asset. The best technology solutions can help you unlock even more value, yet the barrier of building the right business case may be slowing your progress. This can be particularly challenging at a time when budgets are tightening and spending is heavily scrutinised.
Join Rebecca Houghton, Talent and Leadership influencer, and Anna Torisson, Talent Acquisition Lead of Frucor Suntory, as we explore how to effectively build and communicate your business case for transformation, including real life examples from Anna’s experience at Frucor Suntory.

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How to Build a Winning Business Case for EVP With Rebecca Houghton, Bold HR & Margie Kwan, The EVP Co.

Getting an EVP developed and Employer Branding program off the ground has always been a challenge for HR and TA leaders. Deprioritizing these often undervalued projects is even more tempting as we enter an era of economic strain.
Learning how to successfully position a business case for a program far harder to get across the line than headcount or tech is a vital skill for any leader. Once you see how to win investment for EVP, particularly in a downturn, then any other case is basically a walk in the park.
We invited Rebecca Houghton, Bold HR and Margie Kwan, The EVP Co, to share with us their combined experience in upskilling HR professionals to DIY instead of outsourcing to expensive consultants.

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Talent acquisition in a post-pandemic world

In an ever-changing environment, how can you prepare for the future?
Looking to the future, we examine whether the way we identify and select talent will change forever. How will businesses continue to build efficient and resilient talent processes that deliver the right skills to future-proof the organisation?
Watch on-demand, as we share our key learnings from 2020 and look to the future, exploring whether the way we identify and select talent will change forever. We are delighted to be joined by Rebecca Houghton, founder of BoldHR and whose international career spans two decades at the pinnacle of Talent thinking. An executive coach, HR mentor and change facilitator, Rebecca has a wealth of experience from leading Australia Post’s response to workforce disruption.

Downsizing well – 6 Key Considerations

This paper takes into account that experience and research, but is mainly based around a great conversation with a broad group of Talent Leaders who are in the thick of it today and striving to answer the question: “How do we do our best in this situation?”

Resilience for People and People Leaders

We’ve been talking about resilience for a few years now but suddenly the need to have advanced coping mechanisms has come into sharp relief for everyone.
If Google searches had doubled on resilience as at end of last year, I wonder what they are right now?!

Virtual Onboarding – 50 point checklist

Most organisations I’m talking to – if they are still recruiting – are still struggling a little with how to virtualise their onboarding. I’ve mentioned before that we’ve got 3 stages to go through with the crisis we are facing right now – SOS, Tactical and Looking Ahead.

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Rebecca interviews with Alex Tullio
Setting up teams to thrive in disruption

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The secret to handling disruption is within your control. Global Gathering conference.