B-Suite leaders are the modern middle manager – too junior to be ‘in the tent’ but senior enough that you are looked up to for answers.  You are responsible for results, yet spend your time caught in the cross-fire between the needs of the executive and the needs of the workforce. And you end up being stuck.

The four most common challenges of B-Suite Leaders are:

  • You’ve reached a plateau where you feel stuck at level and can’t work out why.
  • You aren’t being heard, increasingly frustrated you can’t get the cut-through you need.
  • You’re doing it tough, working harder, longer yet still not quite keeping up with demand.
  • You aren’t confident about what to do next, perhaps worry you aren’t good enough to level up.

What Level of Leadership are you operating at?

Your Current Leader Level is 5 - STrategist

You are currently operating like a Level 5 Leader – Strategist. Your primary focus is identifying, designing and gaining buy-in to highly integrated and highly visibility strategies. 

Leaders at your level are characterised by complexity, and typically lead important enterprise strategies, leveraging influence rather than authority to achieve results. You are likely a strategic thinker and great influencer, and are often known for your ability to both influence senior executives and successfully drive politically nuanced solutions.

The most common frustration at your level is feeling indispensible to the C-Suite and somewhat trapped by that. You know that you have the right experience, networks, and reputation, but the biggest barrier leaders often face in this regard is ownership: you are not yet able to own the execution of your end-to-end strategies which can limit their envisaged impact. Your greatest challenge at this level is how to persuade the C-Suite to give you the direct authority that will fulfill on your strategic vision.

Your Next Level...

Your next level of impact is Level 6 – C-Suite. You will have greater enterprise control and autonomy, and it often means a significant uplift in your ability to deliver on your personal vision for the organisation.

What you need to do to Level Up


To move to Level 6 – C-Suite, you need to focus on building your political footprint; proving to the C-Suite and to your peers that you are worthy of followership.

►  Control the Pace

Control the pace of work rather than letting it control you by investing in your coping mechanisms, planning and prioritising, and quality decision making abilities.

►  Hold the Space

Get clear on how to think strategically, how you go about problem solving, and get confident about the boundaries of your role to add more value.

►  Make the Case

Increase your impact, focus on managing up, be more conscious of your brand, and get really deliberate about motivating people and ensuring key outcomes.

Overwhelmingly supported by Deloitte, DDI and McKinsey’s work, BoldHR™’s ongoing research shows when you achieve mastery in these 3 competencies as a B-Suite Leader, you are going to become more productive, more influential and more strategic – and have more impact, more easily.

BoldHR™ knows the B-Suite.

We know that you’d rather be an impact-maker than an order-taker.  And we know how to get you there.

  • Feeling overlooked? Deliberate influence gets results.
  • Always overworked? If you don’t have your own priorities, you’re always at the mercy of others.
  • Often overwhelmed? Only boundaries prevent burnout.

How to fast-track your progress

To fast-track your progress to the next level, there are three actions you can take right now: Level Up Program members receive a full and benchmarked evaluation against the 10 facets of B-Suite Leadership, with detailed insights and a supporting action plan to enable your focus. Self-paced learning that correlates to your action plan means you can go fast, slow, deep or shallow depending on your unique needs. This is all supported by facilitated peer-to-peer coaching circles, international keynote speakers, and curated resources selected to ensure you become a B-Suite Leader with C-Suite Impact™.

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Rebecca has over 20 years’ experience in Talent and is an expert on mid-level Leadership. Formerly Head of Talent and Careers for Australia Post Group, she has been instrumental in developing the capability and careers of literally thousands of people.

Rebecca is an AHRI Talent Strategy and Golden Quill award-winner as well as the best-selling author of IMPACT: 10 ways to level up your leadership and the architect of Level Up, the only program of its kind dedicated to busy B-Suite leaders. Known for her generous, fun yet no-nonsense style, clients rave about her ability to instill confidence and change through the provision of tools and techniques that actually work.