Stuck in the middle with you

Stuck in the middle with you

It’s time to invest in our middle managers.

We’ve invested heavily in our executives, and in our front line leaders. We’ve invested in our new leaders, and in our future leaders, and in our future senior leaders.

But what about those who are not on this list?

The ones who are established leaders now; definitely not ‘in the trenches’ but not ‘inner circle’ either. The ones that are looked up to as a senior leader, yet are too junior to wield any real authority.

Middle management is like being middle class, middle aged or a middle child. It’s tough!

But guess what? As the gap between senior management and everyone else opens up – who’s the translator?

As information flows so quickly that the facts are anyone’s guess, who’s been showing steady judgement?

When lock-down makes senior leaders less visible, who’s holding the team together?

Who’s like the jam, without which those 2 bits of bread are short of a sandwich?

Who is already proving critical in leading in this time of ambiguity, uncertainty and mis/dis-information?

Yep – you, middle managers. This is your time!

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