Webinar - Difficult Conversations

"Rebecca was an engaging and polished facilitator – I highly recommend this training to anyone who needs to either manage a team or for people who need to manage 'up'"
National Marketing Manager, Clarins.

Taking the Difficult out of Difficult Conversations removes the fear and friction from tricky topics. Every conversation we have becomes an opportunity to diffuse potential drama, increase impact and avoid things getting difficult down the track.

Too many issues remain unspoken when we’re under pressure, then patterns form in our relationships which become harder to break.  We end up stuck – we withdraw, get passive aggressive or have a full-blown argument.

Conversations that constructively avoid things getting difficult are an untaught skill. For most of us, difficult conversation training is what we apply when it’s already too late.

This webinar will help you to:

  • Diffuse the drama with your coworkers, reports and seniors
  • Replace difficult conversations with different conversations
  • Confidently hold difficult conversations with less drama and more impact.

This is a really popular webinar for staff to establish the foundations for day to day conversations that have less drama and more impact.

How it works:

This is a 90 minute live webinar held on Zoom for up to 100 people.


  • $3000 +gst, including:
  • Individual workbook for every participant
  • Webinar recording, chat summary and resource pack