Welcome to the B-Suite

Welcome to the B-Suite

“Not all leaders want to become a C-Suite executive, but they should all be enabled to operate like one.”

  • All leaders are too busy – and they are getting busier.
  • All leaders yearn for more space to think but rarely get it.
  • All leaders wish it were easier to get sh*t done, but instead, it’s getting more difficult.
  • And all leaders know they need to influence more, but rarely have the time.

All leaders want to manage the pace so they and their teams can be more productive. Their employers want this too – and employers need more of their leaders to perform like an exec, be more promotable and close the leadership gap.

Seventy-seven per cent of organisations report a leadership gap, which is growing fast.

This leadership gap is the home of the B-Suite – the high performing middle manager.

In 2018, an international team of university-based researchers carried out a study of middle-managers.

Their report described these managers as leaders who serve as an important connection between senior executives and frontline employees, yet are often sandwiched between these two groups. The researchers noted these middle managers experience demands and pressures from both sides, and as
a result, high-stress levels and subsequent burnout are normal. (Ahlvik, 2018)

All leaders want to be able to operate like a C-Suite executive – seemingly effortlessly handling the pace, using the space to think, and wielding the influence to assure outcomes.

That’s the ultimate in high impact leadership, right?

The problem is that few firms are guiding their B-Suite to achieve C-level impact, so  only those leaders who can do it are standing out in the crowd – and that’s really what IMPACT: 10 Ways to Level Up your Leadership is about. 

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