Why it’s important to stay targeted

Why it's important to stay targeted

The reason HR is being so successful right now is that we have made a significant shift.

One of these key shifts is from busy to targeted. By ruthlessly deprioritising HR’s busy-work, we’ve been able to focus on fewer, more targeted initiatives and are delivering them really well.

If you’ve got more than 5 problems to solve this year, that’s probably too many.

If your teams are unable to pin every item of work directly to a business problem to solve for, they’re going to fall back into the habit of being busy, not targeted.

If you’re facing either of these realities, you will not get the shift you need to re-set post-Covid.

Now is a great time for HR leadership teams to determine what they will re-set before they forget.

>>What are you doing to re-set your priorities and plans?

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