Workshop - Difficult Conversations

"I gained some valuable insights and tips that will be put to use both at home, board-room meetings and future work spaces."
Finance Manager, Manufacturing

Learning to take the Difficult out of Difficult Conversations doesn’t require a PHD, you don’t need to find more time in your diary nor follow a complex process to do it.

Initiating a difficult conversation isn’t the sole job of a people leader either – the ability to raise issues in a multi-dimensional way is just as important for collaboration and for managing up.

Taking the Difficult out of Difficult Conversations is a learned skill that needs tools, education and practice and it makes for a more effective, higher-performing team who can operate with less drama and more impact.

What we’ll cover:

  • What makes difficult conversations so darn difficult
  • The psychological cost of avoidance and escalation – yet why we all do it
  • How to move your difficult conversations into a less difficult place
  • And when you can’t – how to have a really good, difficult conversation

How it works:

A half day workshop with 10-30 participants

At your offices or entirely online


  • $550pp+gst, including:
  • Individual workbooks and resources
  • Access to Rebecca for questions after the workshop