Rebecca runs a selection of workshops and webinars designed for leaders to develop their skills across the BoldHR wheelhouse.

Packed with useful, memorable models and tips and supported by extensive digital resources (participants receive a bonus masterclass and self-paced workbook, as well as session recordings or access to Rebecca for follow-up questions)

Ideally suited for leaders facing disruption and uncertainty, she provides simple, confidence-building tools that work.

Webinars are ideal for large groups where Rebecca will expand on her masterclass content, unpacking the key themes further and guiding participants to use their self-paced workbook so that they retain the value long after the webinar is finished.

Workshops dig deeper still, providing a group coaching and applied learning opportunity that both deepens participant knowledge and accelerates their confidence – so they can apply their new skills today.

Masterclasses. Both the webinars and workshops include free access to Rebecca’s Masterclasses – 60min of self-paced online learning supported with an implementation workbook for participants to refer to during and after their live session. Masterclasses are also available for individual purchase.