Fear, Pain and Opportunity

If you’re in the mood for pitching a product or a business case, you need to press the right buttons. Customers – and Stakeholders – only buy for 3 reasons. 1. Fear 2. Pain 3. Opportunity Geoff Moore said ‘find something that absolutely terrifies them’ and he’s right – the easiest path to winning a […]

Try this 1 simple trick to improve your state of mind.

Jack Balousek states that life has 3 parts to it – at first you learn which sets you up to earn so that finally you can return (give back). Warren Buffet says if you’re not learning for at least 5 hours a week, you’re going backwards. He’s earning a pretty penny and is a known […]

Why your expertise may be holding you back

One of my coaching clients recently accepted a secondment – from GM of Marketing to GM of Engineering – quite a stretch, and well outside his comfort zone. It took us a couple of sessions before he agreed to do it. He likened his expertise to holding onto the side of the pool. He knows […]