3 things I learned as an early adopter of Talent Tech.


Over the years I’ve become known as an early adopter of Talent tech – despite still missing my Ericsson flip phone at times – so here are three lessons I learned:

We’re all suckers for bright shiny things You need to have a problem to solve, and the product needs to solve it.

These days I refuse to have a demo until I understand what the product is FOR. A demo only shows you what it DOES. BYO data points New products don’t have proof points yet and this makes ROI tricky.

As an early adopter, that’s what the vendor is often hoping to get from you. Baseline your problem statement and if you can do an A/B trial, even better.

Once you’ve bought it, support it Don’t assume that uptake will be organic, or that product onboarding will be seamless.

All products benefit from a dedicated ‘project manager’ on the client side to make it work, and new products even more so as they are practicing onboarding a new client and need your help to iron out their approach and improve their offering.

Above all, being an early adopter means being bold and taking a few risks – the above should help you make sure those risks are balanced.

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