Talent’s not working, and it’s not why you think

Talent’s not working, and it’s not why you think

The war for talent is 20 years old. Hiring is getting slower. Succession planning impact has dropped, performance management has fallen out of favour and career development is cited as the key driver of low engagement.

Talent’s not been working, and it’s nothing to do with Covid-19.

I’m seeing a lot of TA teams being laid off right now, but I’m also hearing a lot of organisations asking the question ‘how do I fix Talent’?

Well, your TA teams may hold some of the answers.

TA skills transfer easily:

  • identify, evaluate & mobilise internal talent
  • coach & experience manage displaced staff
  • keep your stood down staff warm and engaged

TA leaders can refocus into experience design, people comms, talent strategy, skills gap analysis or technology optimisation

In fact, if you put TA to work on your internal talent, you’ll start getting better ROI out of your labour line as a result.

So don’t just downsize then resize your traditional silo’d TA function.

Design for disruption – and get more bang for your buck.

What are you doing to strategically prepare your Talent teams for future disruptions?

  • Rethink Talent for Today
  • Level Up Leadership
  • People Change that works

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