How to move the War for Talent from win/lose – to win/win/win.

Move the war for talent to Win-Win-Win

There are many reason employers are struggling to ‘win the War for Talent’, and the inability to offer a powerful career path, personal growth and diverse experiences are a frequent culprit for firms who: • can only offer limited options for career growth or exposure to new experiences (such as a small business or a small specialist department) • have a ‘broken’ career path (which means certain roles are always sourced externally) • can’t offer full-time employment and constantly lose people from their talent pool Some solutions to consider: • A placement – one way or swap: to learn new skills, work with new equipment and technology, or be exposed to different leadership challenges. • A talent pool shared across organisations that value the same skills and experiences and join to offer full-time employment • A shared ‘grad’ program across employers instead of just departments where you share the intake, the rotations, and the placements. Are you considering – or already doing – Talent Sharing? Comments below for more resources

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