What will move the dial on Talent in 2020?

What will move the dial on Talent in 2020?

What will move the dial on Talent in 2020?

Mercer’s 2019 Talent Trends study shows that 97% of executives expect to see increased competition for talent over the next 12 months and 52% already see the length of time it takes to find and hire new talent as their biggest people-related challenge.

As a result, the Harvard Business Review tells us that 30%+ CEOs/HR & Mktg execs are looking to build their global employer brand by 2020.

Are we barking up the wrong tree? Are we treating the symptom rather than the cause? Is EB/EVP being viewed as a silver bullet?

Should we be:
– Redesigning roles to better suit the market (truly redesigning them, not tweaking them)
– Improving our workforce planning so we know if we need to improve our brand (hire more), our experience (retain more) or our capability (build more).

>>Have your say! What’s the biggest lever for moving the dial for Talent in 2020?

PS here are 3 ways I can help you:

• Mentoring Human Resources leaders to develop strategic capability
• Advisor for Talent Industry Suppliers
• Time to start doing business differently?
– leadership Mindset Coach & change Facilitator

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