Be an expert on the problem, not the solution

In the space of one day I was coaching both the CEO of a start-up and the HR Manager of an ASX listed company.

And despite the enormous differences in their worlds, we were having the same conversation.

  • He was struggling to sell his product to corporate executives.
  • She was struggling to influence her exec to agree to her solution.

You’ve heard me say this before – we all sell. Influencing is selling – even if we don’t like to admit it.

Both of them were struggling to win clients over to their point of view. Both of them were struggling to get a solution across the line. And both of them were struggling for the same reason.

They didn’t understand their customer problem well enough – they were too quick to jump to solutions and were missing the mark.

Dave Schools, digital strategist, said “Sell the problem you solve not the product you offer.”

Whether you’re selling a product or a solution, it’s wise advice to us all.

>>Do you know your customers problems well enough to influence them?

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