3 ways to reduce friction in your team

3 ways to reduce friction in your team

3 ways to reduce friction in your team

Our work-life is like a fast-moving sports game these days – we’re constantly adjusting, swerving, and switching to stay competitive.

Like all sports teams, there are moments of friction where things feel sticky, lumpy – just plain wrong.

The key reasons for these frictionful moments are usually because:

• You’ve incorrectly read the play and you’re using the wrong tactics to respond

• You’re doing something you’re not ideally suited to and perhaps should be looking to pass the ball

• You’ve stopped communicating and no-one knows what your plan is

Work is often the same;
• we misdiagnose the problem we face,
• apply the wrong tactics,
• put the wrong person into the space, or
• forget to signal possible moves as we’re running up the pitch

Reducing these moments of friction across the team creates a smoother state; it enables your team to move faster and helps them handle the environment – or competition – with greater confidence.

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