2022 Forecast

2022 Forecast

This month, I’ve been hovering over my crystal ball with increasing frustration, and I know you have too.  I’ve been looking for insight, and all I’m finding is contradictory and often lightweight advice on what 2022 will bring.

Then it dawned on me that I was looking too closely at the problem and I needed to zoom out.  And the reason for all this frustrating advice become suddenly clear.

In the entire history of the world, our workforces have never been this disconnected.

On the hunt, in the cave, in the fields, factories and offices, we have always been shoulder-to-shoulder, and for the last two years – we haven’t.  

Our 80,000 year old monkey brain cannot compute, and the result is unpredictable human behaviour.  

  • Trust in organisations is up, but trust in leaders is down.
  • Engagement is rising, yet attrition is rising too.
  • Job security is important, yet more people are leaving with nothing to go to than ever before.
  • Compassion is up, but so is intolerance.

So if we think that we know what to do based on anything we have ever done, we might be in for a surprise.

The Great Resignation may be a cracking bumper sticker for 2022, but it may prove as accurate as another famous bumper sticker – the War for Talent. We need to look deeper for real solutions.

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