Are you leaving your reputation to chance?

Are you leaving your reputation to chance?

Before lockdown, I was having lunch with a client of mine who let me into a secret. He loathes self-promotion and wishes his work would speak for itself.

However, he still prioritises reputation-raising.

“I drag myself to do it despite my busy schedule” he told me.

Why? Because it will say more about his team, his business and himself than his work ever will.

“It’s not about my reputation really. It’s about me developing my reputation as an asset so my company benefits and my team benefits.”

Research shows that you are 3x more likely to appear in job searches and 2x more likely to be considered of greater value if you actively raise your reputation.

Don’t leave your reputation to chance: it’s a critical leadership asset and needs to be deliberately developed.

Many people find the idea of putting themselves out there a bit icky. But if you’re not doing it for yourself – rather for your company and your team – would you find it less daunting?

What’s holding you back?

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