Are you talking in the wrong language?

Are you talking in the wrong language?

Dan Coyle’s ‘Culture Code’ talks about the signals and language of highly successful groups, and most leaders already know the importance of the verbal cues and phrases we choose to use.

This has never been more important than it is today.

Language is code for culture.

To enable our workforces to adopt greater adaptability and resilience – a culture bred for change – we’ll need to watch our language.

Some of our trusty old leadership phrases are actually undermining our efforts to build a change-able culture.

These are the ones I’m still trying to shake off:

  • When this is over – aren’t we in a state of permanent change? So ‘this’ is… never?
  • Once we get through this – isn’t there going to be more of it on the other side?
  • Leading through change – as opposed to leading through no change. When might that be?
  • Building the plane whilst flying it – when was the last time you didn’t do that?

>>are any of your phrases past their sell-by date? Care to share?

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