Is this the scariest question in the world?

Is this the scariest question in the world

John Maltby says that the scariest question in the world is “So tell me about yourself……”

And he’s right – we all fumble that one when asked, don’t we?

You know how easy it is to talk at length about what you KNOW, but it’s really hard to talk at length about YOU?

It’s literally like being too close for comfort.

To craft our reputation and increase our value, we first have to become an authority on ourselves.


To help with that, try considering your reputation as a product that you’re taking to market – it helps to keep it at a distance and stops it all becoming too icky. 


“Sometimes it helps to take the self out of self promotion” Amanda Blesing

Your Personal Value Proposition can be developed almost exactly the same way as a product value proposition – clear on value, benefit, positioning and purpose.

Try Geoffrey Moore’s “Crossing the Chasm” value proposition model / elevator pitch, and give it a go!

>How do you build your personal value proposition?

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