Confidence – the foundation of leadership

According to Francisco Dao, without confidence, no-one will follow you.

I’m inclined to agree.

So what knocks our confidence? What happens to change our state from feeling good to not so good?

  • Changed environment – could be a new company, a new project or a new colleague that knocks our equilibrium.
  • Low resilience – a failure to bounce back eats away at our confidence.
  • Low on resourcefulness or adaptability – when we hit a problem we can’t solve, we feel flattened.

Despite appearances, I did and still do struggle with confidence levels, and actively manage the balance almost all the time.

With the exception of a couple of CEOs, I’ve never met a leader who hasn’t had confidence struggles at one point or another – so if you’re one of us, you’re not alone.

We all have periods where we need to adjust our approach to stay up to date, and studies show that a focus on resilience, style and adaptability will help to regain your impact as a leader.

Have your say>> What do you find helps your confidence get back on track?

PS: Here are 4 ways that I can help you start doing business differently:

  • Leadership Confidence Coach
  • Mentor Human Resources Leaders
  • Facilitate Change Conversations
  • Advise HR Suppliers

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