The Future of Work or the Now of Work?

Future of work or Now of work

A nifty infographic on the #FutureofWork by Mercer, the FutureofWork or the #NowofWork?, summarised below. 


• WeWorking & ScrumMaster leadership styles will dominate the new ways of working

• A new era of learning will mean less doing and more thinking

• A new era of opportunity & broader work horizons

• The robots are coming…a new era of co-worker • A new era of motivation – It’s not all about money – is it?

• Worklife Balance – Work to live or live to work?

2026 feels a long way off for some of these trends; what are your thoughts?

Future or Now?

Crediting hashtagNowofWork to @Dave Johnson (MAHRI) – thanks Dave!


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