How I made friends with the idea of working from home

How I made friends with the idea of working from home

It used to make me anxious. Would I lose focus? Get lonely? Eat the contents of the fridge? Do housework instead of paid work?

As a leader, I sometimes had the same thoughts about my team when they were WFH too (sorry…).

Fast forward a year and a half and here’s a few tips I’ve learned to make it work:

Mindset: Working from home does mean being more proactive. You’re not in back to back meetings and then dealing with 850 emails. I set a task for each day to make sure I get back on track between calls.

Communication: Much more than a weekly team call – I replaced valuable corridor conversations with daily social calls to keep on top of the subtext. Gossip is good!

Capability: you may start to develop some capacity in your day that isn’t possible in the office. Repurpose it! I now listen to a podcast/webinar or read a report almost every day.

Connectedness: wfh is lonely – the first thing I missed was my team. So I reach out once a day to friends, family, people I mentor, other solopreneurs – to keep connected at a human level.

Serious (and free) offer: DM me if you’re struggling.

We’re all in this together and we’ll get out of it together too!!

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