Leadership language is important all the time

According to HBR 4 of the top 10 most important leadership competencies are attributable to communication (formal and informal).

This is why being mindful of your leadership language is important at all times – not just times like these.

Have you ever read a leadership communication and thought it was dry, dull or downright dismal?

Well it doesn’t have to be that way!

Here are three rules that I used to launch the award-winning Post People 1st initiative:

1) The rule of five:
I never put more than 5 bullet points on a communication.

Why? People only have five fingers to tick off – more than that and they’ll forget one of your points.

3 is even better; our brains love a 3.

2) Rhyme or rhythm will help your teams to recall the message far more easily.

I bet you recall a nursery rhyme from childhood? Can you recall your most recent internal comms?

3) Alliterate – after all, brilliant basics beats boring blurb!

>>What tips do you have for making leadership messages clear and memorable?

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