There’s no denying it. People are quitting.

You don’t quit your job, you quit your boss – or so the saying goes. We’ve heard it so often; we just assume it must be true.

Well it isn’t – in fact the opposite is true. The truth is, people blame leaders when they should be blaming workplace factors.

Some of the major factors contributing to attrition, burnout and quiet quitting are workload, lack of career progression and flexible working. All of which are workplace factors – corporate systems.

It would be more true to say that good managers retain people despite the workplace factors that are driving them away. 

However many leaders feel that their hands are tied, and they are not empowered to make decisions on these issues.

So if you’re not taking time out to explore what empowerment your B-Suite leaders have with regard to these three things, then I reckon two things are going to happen:

  1. Your B-Suite will opt out of leadership roles entirely. According to Deloitte, a massive 69% of them are already thinking about it. Google proved it – you can’t run a business without your B-Suite.
  2. Those people that are staying because of their boss, despite the workplace factors we’ve mentioned? They leave too.

It’s not easy to move to empowering your B-Suite in an environment of uncertainty, I know. If you’re a B-Suite Leader, start asking for more specific accountability in order to grow. If you’re a C-Suite Leader, start delegating more authority with more structure and governance. Or ask me how.

Rebecca is Australia’s pre-eminent advocate for B-suite leadership – the expert in developing hi-impact B-Suite leadership at both a team and individual level.

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