Trends in human capital today.

Trends in human capital

9 trends to watch in human capital today.

I was recently lucky enough to hear Chris Havrilla from Bersin by Deloitte discussing their 2019 Global Human Capital Trends report. In a nutshell, the key themes of the research are the Future of workforce:

1. Alternate workforces become mainstream – but organisations aren’t ready to manage them

2. The concept of job shifts to super jobs

3. Leadership seeks a new intersect between old and new Future of Organisations

4. Employee Experience shifts to Human Experience as work/life lines blur still further

5. Performance shifts to teams over individuals

6. Reward realigns to performance and demographics Future of HR

7. Talent Acquisition becomes Talent Access – as the acquisition is no longer the goal

8. Learning shifts from traditional to learning in the flow of life

9. HR Cloud becomes the launchpad for everything Much of my work sits in 1-4 & 7, however, the dominant one is 3. Almost every leader I work with is seeking a new approach, regardless of the maturity of their organisation – shifting how they approach strategy, how they lead, and how they engage their workforce.

>>Which one is dominating your conversations at the moment?

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