Unlock the Talent within

Uncover Talent From Within Your Own Organisation

Unlock the Talent within – solve 3 other problems at the same time.

The gig economy has now entered the mainstream, with around 40% of workers engaged in a non-permanent capacity.

The conversation about reskilling the workforce has been going on for over 5 years, yet no-one seems to be close to solving for it yet.

So we turn to the alternative labour market for better talent at a higher price.

I’m about to shoot myself in my ‘alternative labour’ foot here, but I have always maintained the talent we seek is already inside our businesses – we just haven’t exposed them to the right opportunities yet.

Rather than trusting in external talent to be better problem solvers, what if we created opportunities to identify great problem solvers in our own backyard, and then provided them with experiences to develop their skills?

Could it:
• improve engagement & retention?
• slow down the exodus to the gig market?
• reduce alternative resource costs?

Is part of the reason that people are leaving because their skills are underutilised and although they want to offer more, they’re finding themselves pigeonholed?

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