You don’t know your workforce capability

You don’t know your workforce capability

What happens when we look beneath the surface

Creating a workforce designed for disruption is hard.

Reskilling has been on everyone’s minds for years as disruption has become an increasing obvious threat to business as usual. Yet it’s one that we haven’t managed to nail yet – it’s proven to be one of our most challenging talent strategies.

How many times have you heard ‘I know there’s no-one in-house that can do this’?

I have yet to meet the organisation that maps their talent so successfully that they are across all prior skills, side-jobs and current self-development that’s going on. So that’s a fairly big call, yet a really common one.

Most of our talent systems either only ask senior talent for this information or we make assumptions on people based on their current job profile.

That’s like looking at an iceberg from the deck of the Titanic and assuming you can see all there is to see.

If you are in a mid to large-sized organisation, then it’s time to find ways to look beneath the surface and uncover what our workforce can really do.

I’ll be speaking more about this over the coming weeks at various forums and conferences. DM me for more detail.

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