A new breed of HR Director: 4 options from outside HR

New breed of HR Director options from outside HR

A new breed of HR Director options outside HR.

Has anyone else noticed the increase in senior HR appointments coming from non-HR backgrounds? I for one am for it; I think fresh ideas are proving to have great impacts right across HR these days.

Lucy Adams gives us a light-hearted look at the likely success of executives coming from non-HR backgrounds.

Who’s your pick of the bunch?

1. Finance Directors – solves HR analytics in one go, but might not be into developing our no1 asset – 7/10

2. Operations Directors – streamlined processes and lovely user experience anyone? – 9/10

3. CIO – digitising HR seems a no brainer yet CIOs only score 7/10!

4. Marketing Directors – deep insight, segmentation, Employee as Customer etc – 9/10

What other professions could make a great HRD in your view? Have you seen anyone make this shift yet?

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