Credit – a critical currency of culture

Credit – a critical currency of culture

Credit – a critical currency of culture

Our workplaces are increasingly scrutinised for trust and fairness – giving rise to the notion of credit as a critical currency of culture.

You know that moment when your hard work is accredited to someone else? It’s demoralising, to say the least. And the opposite? Uplifting and motivating.

Indira Ghandi says there are two types of people – those that do the work and those that take the credit. Well, I believe there are three.

Are you a receiver, a taker or a giver?
• The worker – significantly impacted by the allocation of credit.
• The self-promoter – takes credit for themselves to elevate their status. May fool those above for a while, but they lose credit all around.
• The promoter – gives credit to others, and by doing so gains credit with everyone.

The best part is that credit is a free currency, and the interest on it is remarkable – the more you give, the more you get.

Harry Truman said “you
can achieve anything if you’re happy to let others take the credit”.

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