I have to lead like a parent because my people act like children.

If your people are acting like children, then they’ve likely been made to feel like children by you. – Jeff Nischwitz

When I first started working with many of my clients, their mindest was firmly in ‘our people need looking after’ mode, which is lovely, but misguided.

These are professionals with families, mortgages and a range of grown-up things to deal with, yet we treat them like children when it comes to things like organisational change.

Traditionally, organisations do much of their design work before engaging with their teams.

This is aimed at reducing uncertainty, which I admire, but in fact is viewed as a little patronising.

Instead let’s try treating them like the adult professional they are – engage them in the problem, what’s driving it and most importantly, what solutions they’d like considered. And if they’re not ready yet – because they’ve been conditioned to ‘behave like children’ – then at least take a step in the right direction.

>How do you engage your people when it comes to ‘we need to change’?

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