Are you Leading ‘Through’ Change still?

Are you Leading ‘Through’ Change still?

Are you Leading ‘Through’ Change still?

The current thinking around Change Management focuses on understanding why the change is happening and how things will be better once we adopt it.

There is still this concept of ‘getting through’ change.

This works well for change that is finite – where the pain of the transition will be over, and you can go back to normal.

Except that this is increasingly rare.

On the other side of the change is…. yet more change.

Change is more than a process now; it’s a state of being.

“The only constant in life is change” – Heraclitus

The truth is, most people don’t like change. The process of change is painful, inconvenient, inefficient, frustrating, demoralising and plain old irritating.

As leaders, we need to adjust our language to reflect this.

We have to move past motivating people to ‘stick it out’ or ‘get through it’. We need to focus on a deeper ‘always on’ language to accommodate change in our lives as a new normal.

Have your say: What language should we stop using about change? What should we be adopting instead?

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