Best in class Talent Acquisition & Management? Unlikely!

Best in class Talent Acquisition & Management?

Best in class Talent Acquisition & Management? Unlikely.

Only 6% of mature organisations believe they have best in class Talent Acquisition functions, according to Bersin by Deloitte and here’s why:

Talent Acquisition & Management today was built in an era that is now arguably over. The core assumption of that era was that work to be done was done mainly by Employees.

In that era, if we didn’t have enough/suitable Employees, Talent was there to acquire/mobilise them. If you weren’t an Employee you were so insignificant a number that most organisations didn’t have solutions in place to manage them, and some still don’t.

This core assumption of a predominantly Employee workforce affects everything in Talent and is the key constraint preventing 94% of Talent functions from evolving to best of the breed.

Today, we have a myriad of options to get the work done – we can Buy (acquire), Build (internal talent), Borrow (consultant/ contractor/ outsourcer) or even Bot (automate).

But while our primary systems, process and policies remain structured for hiring and mobilising Employee Talent, Talent will fail to live up to new resourcing requirements.

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