3 stages of influence

I was talking to a well-known Talent Tech founder today about why he is such a successful salesperson, and it made us reflect on the changing nature of sales – and how it’s intrinsically linked to influencing and collaborating.

The nature of influence has changed:

  • Tell – using authority and expertise
  • Sell – persuade others using techniques
  • Collaborate – tapping into the intrinsic motivation of others to want to do business with you

As a leader (or a salesperson), if you’re pushing, persuading or using techniques to get people to help you achieve your goals, then you’re missing an important point.

>> What do you think is the secret to a great collaborator – or salesperson – in today’s way of working?

PS: Here are 4 ways that I can help you start doing business differently:

  • Human Resources Mentor
  • Leadership confidence coach
  • Change Facilitator
  • Talent Tech advisor

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