The surprising truth about an all-female executive

The surprising truth about an all-female executive

Last week it was my privilege to facilitate at City West Water.

It’s the first time that my stakeholder group has been exclusively female – from the MD down.  I’ve often wondered what an all-female leadership team would really feel like, but I haven’t experienced it first hand – till now.

This is what I saw:

► Support. Trust & support in the team was off the charts.

► Role modelling. There was no evidence of an alpha in this leadership team, which made a united leadership group a reality, not an aspiration.

► Honesty.  Openness about how change really feels and that it’s ok not to like it. 

► No Fear. Willingness to give new things a go was really high. 

And the result? A team who could handle a truly complex, confronting and ambiguous change conversation with ease.

>>Mere coincidence? What do you think?

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