3 talent team tactics to think about right now

3 talent team tactics to think about right now

In the talent world you typically Buy, Borrow or Build talent to get the work done.

BUY: We’ve had over 20 years of McKinsey’s ‘war for talent’, and untold investment into Talent Acquisition as a result. You might argue that it’s working too well: Gartner tells us that 65% of people think it’s easier to get a job externally than it is internally. Could this be the peak of Talent Acquisition and team ‘buy’?

BORROW: We’ve accepted that the gig economy and blended workforces are the new normal but we have a lot more work to do to manage our blended workforces as well as our permanent ones. Are we investing wisely enough in team ‘borrow’?

BUILD: Why are we still struggling to get true lift-off with reskilling our workforce? The World Economic Forum discussed the need for and challenges of workforce reskilling at length in Davos this year. They are firmly on team BUILD and so am I.

>>What team are you on, and why?

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