It’s not every day you get to chew the fat with a two-time Olympian, who’s also a rugby, kick boxing, motorcross and boxing champion.

I was definitely a bit starstruck interviewing my childhood hero Derek Redmond.

In this video, Derek shares his approach which is a great mantra for leadership and for life:

– Put your effort into things you can control (like training/skills/preparation)

– Don’t worry about the things you can’t control (like outcomes/promotion/annual targets)

– Keep an optimistic mindset to stay resilient in the face of setbacks

You can see why he aces everything he tries. Thankfully he’s rubbish at golf, but I doubt that will be for long.

Video link here

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Welcome to the B-Suite

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There’s no such thing as a diplomatic hand grenade.

There’s no such thing as a diplomatic hand grenade.

Go ahead, avoid those difficult conversations.

Wait, what did you say? How can you avoid difficult conversations and still be productive? What rubbish!

But it’s what you want to do – admit it.

Difficult conversations are SO against our nature, that right now more than 50% of your workforce is avoiding having one, and 11% will even quit their job – yes actually quit – in order to avoid one.

We spend $$$ training our people to have difficult conversations. We should be teaching them to avoid conversations getting difficult in the first place.