Candidate Experience – no longer a ‘nice to have’.

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Ever had the debate about the value of people experience? It’s often a frustrating one.

Next time you get into the debate from a recruitment perspective, try some of these handy stats taken from a recent Hire by Google article.

1) around 90% of applications are unsuccessful; which makes them your majority user.

2) 47% of them don’t even get informed they’ve been unsuccessful; which means they’re unlikely to reapply. Bad news in a candidate short market.

3) 73% of them will tell a friend of their dissatisfaction. In today’s socially connected world, I’d assume many, many friends.

4) if you’re a consumer about 20% of candidates will stop using your products or services. Virgin calculated this was costing them $6m a year.

5) So what about the successful candidates? Turns out that if they’ve had a poor experience they are 15% less likely to accept your job offer. What a waste.

> YOUR THOUGHTS? What are the best candidate experience improvements or metrics you’ve seen recently



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