Surprisingly simple ways to build your presence on line

Surprisingly simple ways to build your presence on line

Working from home is actually a golden opportunity for developing your leadership reputation, despite what many people think.

And it’s a pretty important time to be doing that. Even if you’re secure in your role, there’s a premium on a leader’s reputation, as it promotes your business and your team and …. yeah … these are changeable times.

When I first started raising my reputation it was an effort (some days it still is!). I felt too busy, too boring or too uncertain to speak out.

If you’re feeling the same, but you know you have to start somewhere, then start online – and start small.

This is the simple formula I used to get going. I hope it helps you to take action:

COMMENT: aim to make 3 comments per day
CONNECT: aim to make 5-10 new contacts per day
CURATE: read a book or article and summarise it for your audience
CREATE: start writing your own short-form content
COMMAND: start writing your own long-form content such as articles or even a book!

>>what do you need to do to start raising your reputation online?

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