When we get through this / when this is over

When we get through this when this is over

So Victoria went into lockdown 2.0 this week. And THIS time, I’ve decided to do lockdown better – after all, I’ve got a second chance.

Last time, I hunkered down, got busy and passed the time until it was over – but I didn’t do anything particularly smart about my change in circumstance, so I’m kinda grateful to have another go.

Which made me realise that I had fallen victim to one of my least favourite phrases.

When we get through this / when this is over

It’s a complete normal statement isn’t it? And yet it completely and insidiously shaped my approach to lockdown 1.0. I just hunkered down till it was over.

Well that made 2.0 hit me that much harder, didn’t it? It wasn’t over! It was just pretending! Or maybe I was just pretending.

Dan Coyle says language is the code for culture, well, I wasn’t even using the right words to build my own culture of disruption-immunity – in fact I was setting myself up for disappointment & disillusionment.

There’s other insidious phrases that attitudes that we adopt that make us prone to the impacts of disruption – rather than immune.

>>check them out in my 15 min video below

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