Is it too soon to be looking for a silver lining?

Is it too soon to be looking for a silver lining

I know these are stressful times. Like many of us, I’ve got aging parents and a lack of loo roll on my mind. But I’m starting to see some upside, and as we know, practicing gratitude is good for your optimism and resilience, so here we go!

I’m grateful to COVID-19 for:

  1. Making some people realise meetings can be emails.
  2. Making virtual coffee catch-ups and FaceWine a thing.
  3. Making introverts feel like ways of working favours them for once.
  4. Creating a case study: ‘The roll 😉 of toilet paper in times of crisis’ will be a Social Economics / Anthropology staple for generations to come
  5. And maybe, just maybe, for reversing some climate damage by keeping 50% of the planet indoors for a month.


> Let’s build our optimism and resilience together – what silver lining can you see?

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