I’m embarrassed to say I lost my mojo recently.

Confession Time: I ended last year just scraping through, I was tired, disconnected and a bit disillusioned – like 8 billion other people!

Then I started this year too early, too unclear on my priorities and too empty on fuel. It made for a VERY slow start to 2022.

Well, we’re not called SLOWHR, we’re called BOLDHR – so I started experimenting with prioritising my energy in order to refocus, refuel and recommit. It worked – read the full article below to find out more.

Sometimes it’s ok to be tired, uninspired, uncertain or even unwell. It’s unrealistic to be at your best at all times – there has to be some give and take, or we break. Here’s a few tips about how to be in charge of that give and take, so you don’t break.

I would love to know what else you use to get your mojo back.

Rebecca is Australia’s pre-eminent advocate for B-suite leadership – the expert in developing hi-impact B-Suite leadership at both a team and individual level.

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  • Individual and group coaching
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You can reach her on rebecca.houghton@boldhr.com.au

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