‘Working together’ in the market today

'Working together' in the market today.

'Working together' in the market today.

Total Talent Management – is it in the too hard basket?

A recent count up showed me about 12 different ways of ‘working together’ in the market today, (and I bet I’ve missed some):
• subcontractor
• contractor
• sole trader
• SOW worker
• on payroll permanent
• on payroll fixed term
• on payroll casual
• volunteer
• outsourced
• automated / platform
• co-working
• franchise

Yet an overwhelming number of clients I talk to are struggling break the habit of automatically hiring onto payroll – let alone implement a truly integrated approach.

In today’s integrated work/life, it’s not inconceivable for someone to start their relationship with you by running a one day workshop (SOW), then do some contracting work (T&M), help out at an annual fundraiser (volunteer) become an employee (on payroll) and finally, buy into a franchise with you.

Historically, that would mean bouncing around between Procurement, HR and the Business – undoubtedly a poor experience for the individual, and no longer assuring the risk and cost profile that drove that siloed approach in the first place.

Enabling this is a huge challenge, but we are starting to see organisations like NBN, Medibank & Transurban making it work, so I’m full of optimism!

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