It’s the 50th county I’ve spent time in and I was pondering on my way over how I was feeling about that. It’s been a few years since I travelled abroad thanks to covid so I was definitely feeling out of practice. So I could have chosen to feel anxious.  But 50 countries is quite […]

Boundaries Prevent Burnout

We’ve got busier.  Have you noticed? Is it financial year end? Is it return to office? What-ever is going on, it’s impacting people. So let’s talk about your boundaries – your thin red line. Are you struggling to set boundaries?  Are you saying yes to things you should say no to? Putting in long hours […]

I’m embarrassed to say I lost my mojo recently.

Confession Time: I ended last year just scraping through, I was tired, disconnected and a bit disillusioned – like 8 billion other people! Then I started this year too early, too unclear on my priorities and too empty on fuel. It made for a VERY slow start to 2022. Well, we’re not called SLOWHR, we’re called […]

Why is everyone behaving so weirdly?

This month I’ve been asked – a lot – for my thoughts on things like: Handling entitled employees Why HR are handling a spike in harassment and bullying complaints And how Executives can re-ignite accountability in their teams I know these are not new, but right now it’s quite a lot and it’s all at […]

3 deceptively easy ways to break your B-Suite leaders

2022 is going to be a big year. It has to be – transformational results are high on the shareholder agenda everywhere, and without your B-Suite, these goals will fail. Sadly, in the past week alone, I have had 5 of my high-performing B-Suite clients talk about resigning, putting some pretty major deliverables immediately at […]

Redefining Success

After “the year we panicked” followed by “the year we stood still” welcome to “the year that is already really annoying.” By 25 January, my evaluation of 2022 was ‘fail’.  And I’ve been thinking about my relationship with failure ever since. The old me would have written 2022 off as a failure already: I’ve been meaning to […]


Talent Challenge

BOLDHR’S 2022 FORECAST What the real issues are What they’re not 6 action steps to navigate you through it   The Covid era will long be remembered by those living through it, and will be studied by historians, biological and social scientists and political students for decades to come.   The last two years have […]

The Third Way

The Third Way

Next year is going to be a brand new way of working for all of us, and for B-Suite leaders this will bring a whole new challenge to bear, because one size will definitely not fit all.  It’s not like way 1 – ‘office work’, and it’s not like way 2 – ‘work from home’.  […]

2022 Forecast

2022 Forecast

This month, I’ve been hovering over my crystal ball with increasing frustration, and I know you have too.  I’ve been looking for insight, and all I’m finding is contradictory and often lightweight advice on what 2022 will bring. Then it dawned on me that I was looking too closely at the problem and I needed […]

Three little words

Three little words

I’ve mentored exactly thirty B-Suite leaders this month. I like things to be tidy, so that number pleases me disproportionately (is that weird?). The leaders I work with are weirdly in sync with each other too – like they’re being tidy to make it easier for me to spot the patterns. And there are always patterns. If one […]