Stronger partnerships with Recruitment and Marketing

Stronger partnerships recruitment and marketing

5 tips for building a stronger relationship between Recruitment and Marketing The need for great Recruitment marketing keeps climbing and a lot of my clients ask me about how to improve the relationship between Recruitment and Marketing so they can get the help they need to succeed. Here are 5 tips that might help.

1) Learn: about your Marketing team, how they work, what they value and how they see you.

2) Share your marketing stats – they’ll be bigger and more impressive than you think. You may even be their no1 driver of web-traffic if you’re a B2B business!

3) Beware: your definitions of advertising are different. Marketing can’t handle your volume, and you can’t follow their governance processes. Find a middle ground early.

4) Debate: Our consumers expect different levels of perfection. Marketing likes perfect content, candidates do not. Ref: ProductReview, Tripadvisor, Glassdoor. Keep debating!

5) Finally: hire from your Marketing team. They will bring great marketing capability AND build a bridge with Marketing at the same time.

> YOUR THOUGHTS? What else will accelerate Recruitment Marketing capability?

>> TAKE ACTION: book a coffee with your marketing folk today!

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